Hitman Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have watched a movie that caught my interest enough for me to blog about it and the last movie I blogged about was Death Note – The Last Stand. Yesterday I watched Hitman at the theatre and it was a great experience. I have been following up on news related to the Hitman Movie for a few years now and I remember some time ago that there was talk that Vin Diesel would have stared as the main character. After a while though Vin passed up the role and all I remember was that a young not so popular actor was taking over.

The movie is now out and doing very well and after watching it I have to say that it lives up the gaming franchise it was based upon although I have only played a few of the Hitman video games. The action in this movie is believable, so no super powered, untouchable hero here. The Hitman character comes across as he should and is supported well by the rest of the cast with the exception of the robot like Russian General who had me in stitches with his stereotypical accent, especially when he shouted β€œCall in the Gunship”. The various locations the movie was shot in makes me want to see the movie again too properly take in the sights.

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If you can, go out and check out the Hitman movie, even if you have never played the video game. It does just enough to stand slightly ahead of most of the recent action flicks and it’s always good to see a fresh starring actor and naked Russians breast on the big screen.

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