Heroic Age – lots of anime stereotypes

As I write this I have only watched 12 of an estimated 26 episodes of this series. What are my thoughts? Do I like or hate it? What is Heroic age all about? Continue reading if you interested.

The story for Heroic Age evolves around the powerful “Golden Tribe” who summoned three primitive races from the far reaches of the galaxy. These three races are the “Silver Tribe”  an arrogant group who are the most advanced of the lesser tribes, the “Bronze Tribe” an aggressive insect-like species who although it is unclear at this time seem to be under the command of the silver tribe and the “Iron Tribe” aka Humans, the most primitive of the tribes and enemies of the silver and bronze tribes.


The anime starts with the princess of the iron tribe Deianeira traversing the far reaches of the galaxy looking to find her race’s savior or “Nodos” in order to tip the balance of power in the galaxy in their favor and to fulfill some long boring prophecy the most important parts of which is that they should slew the other two tribes and reclaim their home planet (Earth) and of course, live happily ever after. The Nodos turns out to be a youngster who likes to eat the limbs of his friend and he calls an old spaceship mother…dont ask, just watch.

My ratings towards this anime are mixed; for starters there are a few characters I think are cool and a few others I can’t stand. The characters I like are Nival Nephew, a strong willed female military tactician with mammary glands to rival any female DOA character; Iolaus, a young officer and leader of the mech quad called the Yunos Knights and Mobead, the dude I would most likely want to be in this anime, he has a robot/computer sidekick, he commands one of the baddest ships in the fleet and 3 of the main characters in this anime turns out to be his kids a geek, a commander and a stud, my kind of character ^_^.

At first I thought this anime would have been Mech/Gundam related but it turns out it isnt and the story (if you like it) isnt that bad minus the over emotional soap opera like moments with lots of crying, feinting, falling to the ground in emotional pain etc. The animation and fight scenes are great especially the little CG snippets involving ship battles and movement. The theme some “gravitation” is ok, nothing special about the music to me.

I tried my best not to spoil much for those who have yet to see this anime and I made sure to leave out some details so while watching there are still many things that will surprise you that I didnt spoil here.

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