Heroes Season 2 premiere reactions

The second season of Heroes premiered last night. I missed it on NBC, but luckily within a few hours I found it using an alternative method. What do I think of it? It starts with a bang, gets watered down in the middle and ends with the usual excellent cliffhanger that ensures you dont lose interest in the series.

Hiro is my favourite hero, but I didnt like his performance in this episode and I hope he doesnt get stuck in the role of comical relief in the series and get involved in some serious action as the show goes on. Clare topped the list of my least favourite heroes halfway through the first season but grew on me towards the end. I really hoped her role would have been more mature now but instead she restarts the whole high school girl, cheer leading, love interest, oh my god I just touched fire and broke my leg for no damn reason role. New characters, death, amnesia, a flying stalker and an English Gaijin sum up some of the other interesting bits.

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Who havent seen it yet better see it now, I dont want to spoil too much. I am waiting on the reintroduction on a few more people (who werent killed last season) on my favourite heroes list.


8 thoughts on “Heroes Season 2 premiere reactions

  1. I’m STILL getting through the first series! I’m on ep20 and trying to watch it quick so I can watch the next series. I think the 1st series goes down in quality from ep 18 though…

  2. I can’t say I was satisfied with this episode, but I don’t want to make a decision on this new season till I see the next one. My favorite character has been Peter, and I want to see what they do with him. :)

  3. I think Hiro is already the comic relief of the show… so those hopes of urs are gone.hush….
    I liek the fact that they don’t seem to mind killing off main characters.

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