Happy New year! In 2015 be true to yourself

Its the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. At the crossroads we can look back at what 2014 brought us while looking forward to what we give ourselves in 2015. 2014 was overall a good year for me, I had my best year yet in college, brought some well needed order to my personal life, embarked on new professional challenges and I continue to learn so much about myself.

Got to be true to myself

In 2015 I have a mental plan of some of the things I want to do from seriously getting my finances in order, to making various projects I procrastinated on for too long a reality and most importantly staying true to myself.

Have a nice day YEAR

I wish for all my family, friends, colleagues, blog readers and supporters a peaceful and prosperous 2015. Things may have stuttered a little on Jamaipanese.com due to college and other challenges but look out for big things in 2015 – a comic? a podcast? more YouTube videos? maybe even a book? You never know right?


2 thoughts on “Happy New year! In 2015 be true to yourself

  1. Hi, Kirk! Happy New Year! Please keep me up to date with your Japanese stuff in 2015! I love that Ziggy Marley song and it is so true – we must be true to who we really are (as he always does). Warmest wishes…

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