Godzilla – The King of the Monsters

As a child I remember watching very grainy, poorly translated movies featuring what looked like a giant dinosaur fighting other giant creatures while destroying the city of Tokyo. He fought everything from three-headed dragons (King Ghidorah) to the mechanized version of himself (Mechagodzilla) and he was both terrifying and cool at the same time.My young mind couldn’t quite figure out if he was a hero or a villain – one minute he was being fired upon by humans the next he was drop kicking a giant squid emerging from Tokyo Bay.


Daikaiju Action

Fast forward to 2014 and Godzilla has arrived on the big screen again. I teleported to my local theater to see my favourite daikaiju (giant monster) after being teased for months with epic trailers and announcements related to the film. It was FINALLY time to see it and unlike many summer action blockbusters I actually had hopes for Godzilla but still feared it might disappoint.

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King of the Monsters

I am happy to report that it DID NOT disappoint. Godzilla is worth the trip to the theatre and them some. It felt like a nostalgic roller-coaster ride mixed in with some truly epic special effects that should be well received by audiences worldwide. Despite some quirky plot elements and one or two unspectacular human distractions Godzilla emerges rightfully as the star of the show.

What are your Thoughts on the film?

Have you seen Godzilla already? Planning on seeing it? like it? hate it? Did it make you pee your pants? Let me know what you think of the movie in a Β comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese.

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2 thoughts on “Godzilla – The King of the Monsters

  1. I’m always sooo skeptical of (and in some cases annoyed by) all these hollywood re-makes of Japanese classics. So this one was really well done, huh? The audience response has been tremendous, even from other Japan enthusiasts like us who know the originals. I guess I should put my skepticism aside and go see it….

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