From my other Blogs….Fourth Edition

This is the fourth edition of a monthly recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog.

As it relates to me photo taking ops, October started and ended well with lots of idling in between. I attended a religious Father Richard Ho Lung and Friends – Γ―ΒΏΒ½YES!Γ―ΒΏΒ½ musical early in the month and took a lot of pictures albeit not from a good vantage point. On National Heroes Day here in Jamaica I was bored enough to start taking pictures of money and the National Heroes and other important people whose faces are on the notes. Unlike in September when I had to cancel a trip to a rural parish with a photography group I was able to make the trip in October and it was a wonderful day out surrounded by photography geeks stopping at every chance to take pictures of anything interesting. I ended up with over 300 pictures and a lot of trial and error experience and lessons from more capable photographers.

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Nintendo has introduced an upgrade of the Nintendo DS dubbed the Nintendo DSi and not long after stated that the Nintendo DS has now sold more than it’s predecessor the Game Boy Advance. Resident Evil fans have rejoiced when Wesker debuted in the Tokyo game Show trailer for Resident Evil 5 and again when a new Resident Evil Degeneration trailer was also shown. I reviewed Professor Layton and the Curious Village and wondered (before it’s release) if Max Payne would suck. The official release of Dead Space created quite a media splash while the official release of Gears of War 2 is yet to arrive yet but the full game has already been leaked on banned in many countries. After months of rumors and speculation it has been announced that a New Star Wars themed MMO is in the works.

My favourite and most well received picture from my Flickr Link-up and Portland Outing


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