From my other Blogs – Fifth Edition

This is the fifth edition of a monthly recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog.

November provided a few opportunities for me to get out and take pictures. The first was at the launch event of of E10 gasoline in Jamaica. The sun was unforgiving but I did manage to take pictures of bike stunting and really fast motorcars all running on a 10% ethanol blend before I escaped the solar onslaught. I posted a few more shots from the flickr link-up to Portland in October and found Barrack Obama’s official photostream on flickr. Then it was on to the November flickr link-up, this time to St. Thomas which was an even bigger success. I’ve only posted a few pictures on my photography blog so far but more is available on my flickr photostream.

As usual tonnes of posts on my video game blog and I doubt I’ll be able to link to all of them. I was interviewed by Daniel from who wanted a Jamaican view on gaming and information on gaming in Jamaica. I reviewed the Dead Space Downfall animated movie that accompanies the Dead Space Video game as well as Fifa 2009 for the Xbox 360. I bought the graphics card for the new PC I am building, blogged about the new Xbox Experience while forgetting about the E For All Expo.

Here is another waterfall shot, this time it’s the massive but largely unknown Reggae Falls in St Thomas, Jamaica.