Freshman -> Sophomore -> Junior

My year as a freshman seems so long ago and my sophomore year went by super fast. As I begin my third year in college as a junior I look back in disbelief on all I have achieved so far and look forward towards what is left to be done. Going to school in the evening after a full day of work continues to be a challenge, though some days are more bearable than others.

The first semester of my 2nd year was my worst year in terms of grades while the 2nd semester turned out to be my best one yet. As I begin my third year my goal to finish college without failing or having to resit any courses is intact, and my GPA is steadily rising. The finish line will soon be in sight.


When not buried in software engineering, web programming, IT research and information systems I try to enjoy a very limited social life, a small circle of friends and late night gaming. My plans for galactic domination may have been delayed a bit but fear not, my subjugation of the Milky Way galaxy will only be the beginning.


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