Japan Snippet – I have found a Dragon Ball

This post may fly over the head of readers who have never heard of, read or watched the Dragon Ball anime or manga. While shopping in Tokyo I came upon a store that unknowingly had a powerful artifact called a Dragon Ball on display for sale. If only they knew that collecting all seven of them would cause the sky to turn dark and the opportunity to get almost any wish granted. Try as I might I was unable to recover the other 6 dragon balls while in Japan but I brought the one I found back home with me to Jamaica and any day now I am expected Goku and company or worst – a villain – to show up at my door…

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4 thoughts on “Japan Snippet – I have found a Dragon Ball

  1. My friends have been alerted to its existence. I suspect the 2 of them, and their powers combines, can even make Vegetta break a sweat… Muahaha!

    Nice little cyber real estate you got going on here. [japan]

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