Follow, Like and Share my Adventures in Japan

My first trip to Japan is only a few hours away now after years of planning. Due to the support of family, friends and my awesome readers I am finally about toΒ achieveΒ a dream I’ve had for a loooooong time. I’d like to share that dream with everyone, whether you have been to Japan already or hoping to one day visit be sure to stay connected to my blog through Twitter, Youtube and Facebook as well as follow the (hopefully) daily updates from JAPAN!


3 thoughts on “Follow, Like and Share my Adventures in Japan

  1. I wish you all the best! But although I’m looking forward to your posts, my recommendation would be to not try and post daily, even if it’s short ones. Your trip is pretty short and you’ll regret not spending every minute doing things you can only do in Japan when you come back.

    Definitely try and tweet a lot instead!

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