In Japan People Dance for Chewing Gum

What do you get when you mix two super famous people, dancing, 1 million yen, catchy music, chewing gum, a brilliant marketing campaign, youtube and a dash of hairy but cute? – the formula for viral marketing, at least in Japan.

How was that video above? Wowed by the cuteness overload or hypnotized by the unforgettable tune? If so practice your dance moves here, listen to or download the song here, get more information here (English) or from the official site here (Japanese), view dozens of entries here and check out my testosterone influenced and very biased favourite entry below.

Isn’t she cute?

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Everyone and their grandma (literally) made a video to enter for the grand prize , grandparents, grand kids, students, young adults, salarymen, toddlers – everyone!


13 thoughts on “In Japan People Dance for Chewing Gum

  1. Haha I watch keyhole tv like everyday and I sw this cm and was wondering about it! Thanks for the posting on this ^^ Hahah this is too funny! If I was in Japan I would enter this too :-p shoot I should just do one for fun anyway !!

  2. Saw it the other day during a K1 brake and couldn’t take my eyes off the TV.
    They sure are genki! I wonder how the gum tastes like.

  3. OMG! Only in Japan, that is why I love this country. They are so quirky. I mean how can one have a Survivor type contest for who sheds the most tears? Ha ha.

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