Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite Final Fantasy game of all time. It is usually tagged as the “black sheep” of the long-running final fantasy series because of the bold changes it experimented with and also because it came after the critically acclaimed and far more revered Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 came out in the late ’90s and at the turn of the century when 3D gaming was becoming the norm and Japanese role-playing games were at the peak of their popularity. Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite for many reasons.

Like Squall (the protagonist), I was a teenager at the time. I appreciated that he wasn’t the cookie-cutter – “I am going to save the world and become the greatest blah blah blah” hero and was just a troubled teen, not a very smart teen but different, fresh, unusual. He found himself in a situation the somehow ballooned into time travel, space travel, teenaged love and fighting interdimensional creatures.

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Magnificent Music

The music of Final Fantasy VIII is just magnificent – right up there with Super Metroid as one of my all-time favourite gaming soundtracks. The FMV sequences are dated not but back in the late 90’s a Final Fantasy cutscene was the stuff of dreams and I’d argue that Final Fantasy 8 had some of the best ones.

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Nostalgic ride

I have been having a blast replaying Final Fantasy VIII in its remastered form – It has been 20 years since its original release and this is my 1st play-through in at least 15 years. Its been such a nostalgic experience navigating through the story as I try to thwart the plans of Ultimecia – also one of the best Final Fantasy villains ever.

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