Excited to play Civilization VI

I love turn-based strategy games and back in the day I played my fair share of them. One of the most critically acclaimed games in the genre is the Civilization series where the player takes charge of a “Civ” and takes them through the entire history of humans and into the future.

I skipped Civ 5

I did not play Civilizations V as for some reason upon release it kept crashing my PC. I am however super excited to play Civilization VI and been anticipating its release by watching various videos and counting down to its October 21st release. I preordered on Steam and have big plans for Civ VI content on my Youtube Channel.

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I will be doing a Lets Play video series

Unsurprisingly I will be doing a “Lets Play” series as Japan fresh out of the gates without much actually gameplay experience but I am interested in which second civilization YOU think I should play after! Vote in the poll below.

Which Civ should I do a Civ 6 "Lets Play" as after Japan?

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