Awesome Dragon Ball Villains Fan Art

Dragon Ball and especially Dragon Ball Z is one of those core anime series/franchises that introduced and/or influenced our love of all things anime. I surfed into some awesome artwork by yichenglong1985 an artist based in China with a variety of works influenced by anime, gaming, super heroes etc. However it was his fan art featuring some of the major villains of the Dragon Ball universe that got my nostalgic butterflies fluttering. I thought I’d share! My obsession with the Ginyu Force makes Captain Ginyu my favourite by a hair but they are all wonderfully done!


Check outΒ yichenglong1985‘s DeviantArt page for more awesome fan art goodness!

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Captain Ginyu!
Master Frieza!
Doctor Gero!


One thought on “Awesome Dragon Ball Villains Fan Art

  1. The art overall is dope! Pretty damn good…. but Frieza still creeps me out. How about some Mokona appreciation? Mokona is super cute :)

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