Beijing Summer Olympics 100 Days away

All the top television manufacturers in Japan are busy promotion or putting the finishing touches on brand new models for television in time for the 2008 summer Olympic games and there are a few things they all have in common; they are all supper flat, super light, displayed at trade shows alongside beautiful Asian women, cost a small fortune and only available in Japan.

The two main contenders in the slim and sexy line of TVs are the Wooo UT series from Hitachi (Panasonic) and the Aqous X series from Sharp both of which are 3.5 centimeters thick or less. Other industry players like Sony, Matsushita, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric are busy working on improving their screens, whether it be colour display improvements, power conservation, or afterimage effects reduction.

I wonder how long before these televisions make it to the west and how much will they cost? I am looking to treat myself hopefully later this year with a big plasma screen, I doubt it will be one of these cutting edge badboys though. My how time flies, it seems so recent that I made the 200 days and 150 days posts related to the Beijing summer games.

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6 thoughts on “Beijing Summer Olympics 100 Days away

  1. Don’t get stuck in the endless "If I just wait a little longer for the next model" cycle. Otherwise, you’ll never make the buy.

    I like the newest Sony Bravia models.

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