Average Internet connection in Japan over 60mbps

I’m slowly getting used to my 4mb connection at home but it seems my connection is chicken feed compared to huge pipes connecting residential internet users in Japan where the median real-time download speed is a whopping 61mbps (thats sixty one megabits per second, I repeat per second). For me a entire movie between 700 and 800 megabytes will take about 30-40 minutes to download directly or about an hour via a well seeded torrent, in Japan a movie would be done in under five minutes 0_0. Typing this message reminds me of the days when it used to take me multiple days to download one movie, I remember clearly having to leave my computer on for four days while downloading the first Fast and Furious movie back in 2001.

No surprise that after Japan’s 61mbps, South Korea settles into the second spot at 45Mbps. Wondering where the United States are on the list? They are somewhere in the late teens with a median speed on 1.9mbps, some “superpower” -_-.

I wonder where Jamaica would rank on such a speed list? In a few years I’m sure we will at least be able to break the top 20 especially when Flow Jamaica completes their island-wide network.

[Via Techspot | Speed Matters | Info World]

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