Attack on Titan: Season 2 – First Impressions

Almost four years after taking the anime scene by storm Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin as it is known in Japan has returned for a second season. I’m only three episodes in at the time of writing this first impressions post and all I can say is what a difference a couple of years make!

The first season on Attack on Titan literally made me fall in love with anime again as I explained in my season 1 first impressions post. Season 2 (so far) is so much more improved visually than season 1 and the 1st season already had high production values. The new season seems so much more cinematic with a focus on more than just he main protagonist (Eren) and his close friends.

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Season 2 = 12 episodes

The titans are back in their unclothed human-munching glory with an extra but of detail and polish that the whole anime has benefited from. The only downside? Season two is only 12 episodes long! New age anime fans growing up in the era of binge watching and Netflix might be understandably disappointed but the word from the studio is that producing the show is VERY expensive – although they pull in a zillions via merchandising and other alternative income generation methods.

Not reading the Manga

I’ve somehow resisted to urge to read the manga (which is far ahead in the story) and I might be benefiting from my “discipline”. Attack on Titan season 2 has me foaming at the mouth each week to grab and watch the episode; there is a tingle in my anime-loving belly again and I look forward to where the season carries me. I just hope it’s not another 4 years wait for season 3.