Appreciating Twitter – Six Years After Joining

6 years ago I signed up for a Twitter account, it was new, it was unknown and I liked experimenting with new stuff. For the first few months my Twitter profile was devoid of any content with a whopping 8 tweets in the first 9 months the first of which being “eating dinner and watching anime” which was sent at 7:08pm on May 21st 2007.

My first Tweet

Web 2.0 Wave

Quite honestly I didn’t trust Twitter, not in the sense that it was going to run off with my random ramblings; more in the sense that it was one of the the gazillion services riding the “web 2.0” wave at the time. It was clunky and unreliable with a logo that tried to hump your eyeballs when you looked at it for extended periods. Fast forward a few years, various redesigns, updates and almost 20,000 tweets later and like an old geezer, I rub my chin and smoke my imaginary pipe thinking about back in the day when Twitter was for geeks.

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The Most Social Social Network

I love Twitter, I use it frequently but have nowhere near the tweetcounts of the Twitter junkies in my extended Twitter circle. I have said it many times but Twitter is the most social social network I have used and trust me I have at least tried them all. I have made many friends, stayed in touch with others, learned so much and stayed in the know in today’s age of information overload.

My most popular Tweet in recent months

There is Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and so many others vying for my attention but the simplicity and control that Twitter provides has kept it useful to me for many years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. You can always find me in the twitterverse @Jamaipanese, (un)fortunately nothing has changed since I announced my arrival on Twitter as you can still follow me to “read random useful (and not so useful) crap about what I am doing, reading, feeling, hating, loving or killing”.

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  1. Twitter is interesting and its not for me. When I had an account I enjoyed your tweets and often times responded as well as retweeted your posts. There is a certain part of twitter than is hilarious but I’ll discuss that with you at another time lol. Its good that you can look back and acknowledge your twitter journey.

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