Amazon Echo Flex – thoughts on smart speakers

Smart speakers and assistants are all the rage these days but I have always been a sceptic even though my background is in IT. These companies already do so much with your search history, friends list, pics etc. Now they want your biometric details such as your face scan, fingerprint and voice. Resistance is futile and my curiosity got the best of me so I have willingly signed up to join the Borg or maybe its the beta version of Skynet – hello Amazon Echo Flex.

Hello Alexa

The cheapest one seems to be the Amazon Echo Flex and Alexa seems to be the most widely supported platform at this time with so many compatible devices and accessories – so I bought one to try out! I decided to do this post and a video as somewhat of a log of my first dip into the pool, so to speak, and then I will make other posts/videos as I hopefully get more used to the system. I am no Youtube tech reviewer getting gadgets for free to review so my views are that of a consumer, like 99.9% of you hopefully reading this.

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex – Teach me!

On to the system itself. It’s a simple white thingy with decent build quality and a predictably terrible speaker. I already noted this and plan to use my Bluetooth speaker for sound. The box it came in and the device is tiny which is OK because I don’t want something too noticeable and intrusive. It will go up on the wall in a socket intended for an AC system then paired with a Bluetooth speaker. It has a few accessories that can plug into the bottom of the device but I have no use for a night light or a motion sensor at this time. Please feel free to scream tips or useful info for to a first-time Amazon EchoΒ  Flex owner in the comments below and @Jamaipanese or let me know if you would like to see more in this series.

Amazon Echo Flex

10 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Flex – thoughts on smart speakers

  1. I’ve actually never heard about the echo flex before. I’m still skeptical about all these smart helpers and speakers etc lol and my curiosity hasn’t gotten the best of me yet lol. I’m looking forward to your full review once you get more use out of the echo flex.

  2. Keep us updated. I’d love to see how this works for you. I’m not much a skeptic. I love things that actually make life easier so let us know how it goes

  3. I avoid most of these consumer gadgets because they waste more of my time than they save. Not to mention they encourage wasteful consumption and favor cloud services rather than self sufficiency. most times the benefit you get is marginal as long as you stay within the free boundaries.

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