48th Annual Grammy Awards – Reggae Category

Last Year Toots and the Maytals took home the grammy for best reggae album and this year has another 4 contenders vying for the coveted award.

Best Reggae Album nominees


Our Music
Burning Spear

Welcome To Jamrock
Damian Marley

Black Gold & Green
Third World

The Trinity
Sean Paul

Personally it’s difficult for me to call out a winner but if I must break it down I would choose Damian or Sean. I liked those two albums mostly because I can relate to their music as a young Jamaican. Sean Paul album is more hardcore that his last album as he is out to get back at the critics at home who say his last album of being watered down. Damian Marley’s album is one of the few albums that I listen to every track, it gives me the dose of culture and reggae but with a heavy dose of youth that makes it even more enjoyable.

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Other artists I am rooting for include Missy Elliot, Maria Carey, The Gorillaz, Kanye West, Mario and Amerie.

2 thoughts on “48th Annual Grammy Awards – Reggae Category

  1. bob and damian marley are soi awesome i love reggae,even though im white they have touched me through there lifestyles and music.

    r.i.p. bob marley

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