25 new Jamaican JET Participants now in Japan

The JET program continues to be an important cultural link between Jamaica and Japan. I was fortunate enought o be invited to yet another sendoff reception for successful candidates who have now arrived in Japan as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.


I am not sure if it is because Jamaicans are performing so well or due to this year being the 5oth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Japan but the number have accepted Jamaican Jets this year has increased to 25. The twenty-five particpant of this year’s programme are Aneika Angus, Nikkisha Baugh, Tia Braham, Craig Dixon, Nneka Gaynor, Mario Grant, Audley Green, Sania Green, Janiel Hazle, Jody-Ann Hines, Leveth Jackson, Ashford Kerr, Roxann Lawrence, Prudence Marson, Temu Moore, Marc Mundy, Rodney Newby, Rochelle Robinson, Kenrick Sharpe, Jessica Silvera, Kerrian Thompson, Tamla Walker, Nicola Williams, Kadeen Wright, and Seccola Youton.

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Good luck to all the successful Jets this year! If all goes as planned maybe I will be on the list of Jamaicans going to Japan as part of the program in two years. *fingers crossed*