2008 Summer Olympic Games In Beijing 200 days away

There are exactly 200 days to go before the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and it is one of my most anticipated events of 2008. I can feel in my bones that team Jamaica will stamp its class a little harder at this year’s games and better the 5 medal haul from Athens in 2004.

China’s games are warming up and will be the biggest staging of the Olympic Games ever with over 300 events and they have spent billions on dollars on stadiums, advertising, infrastructure and campaigns to improve the friendliness and promote appropriate behavior among Beijing’s citizens, all to ensure the success of the event, the improvement of China’s image to the world and cement their place as a world power.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Mascots

Look forward to more posts related to the 2008 Olympic game in the days leading up to the event.

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17 thoughts on “2008 Summer Olympic Games In Beijing 200 days away

  1. thats a serious countdown

    Im looking for a new anime to watch any suggestions?

    So far im watching naruto and bleach and reading their mangas

  2. I was checking Alexa and I finally made it out of 7 digits. And apperently 50% of my traffic comes from Jamaica…I wonder if someone here has something to do with that? LOL :)

  3. @ Shonari and Marketing…there are sooooo maaaaany anime out there I cannot begin to tell you guys, but I will try my best to make a good related post in a few weeks.

    @ Justin damn…send me an email and lets talk through everything, maybe I can lend you space on my underused server

    @ Lilly….mushy overload!

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