Million Dollar Question

The latest Jamaican to gain my respect and turn into a role model for me is a simple honest lady. Her name is Dhaima Brookes and she found 1 million Jamaican dollars (us$12,500,  £8650, ¥1,132,000) in an ATM machine smack in the middle of the high spending “festive season” and turned it into the police.

Jamaican money – image by Chavaneth

I have read many headlines over the years of persons in Japan finding large sums of money and even precious gems and metals and turning it them in to the authorities but Miss Brook’s actions have touched me in a way I cannot explain but when I read her story in the newspapers and watch her on TV (she is now a local celebrity) it warms my heart to know that there are still honest Jamaicans roaming the streets and all hope is not lost for our troubled society.

Women return $1m – Cash found handed to Portmore police – read the full story
One in a million

What would you do if you found 1 million dollars in an ATM?



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