Entertaining but not Original – Eragon Movie

For over a month I was drooling over the various trailers and sneak peeks of Eragon – a brand new movie featuring all the things that people like me go gah-gah about, elves, dragons, magic, mythical quests etc. Well last weekend in opened and a local theatre and after much convincing, me and my significant other (who hates these type of films as most women do) went to catch it’s first showing.


When all the lights, flashes, chants and explosions were over I left the theatre amazed but with a familiar taste on my movie going taste buds. Firstly I liked the movie though over time I have grown to like it less. I didn’t even have to read the critics reviews to see the similarities in shared with two of my all time favourite movie series; Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

I am not even sure where Eragon falls on my rating scale so I dropped it smack in the middle because it was entertaining but not original. In any way shape or form Eragon is a rip off of so many other great works but the trilogy is still unfolding and the third book has yet to be released so if the other two books are adopted into films we still don’t know how it will end but I am curious to know.

5 thoughts on “Entertaining but not Original – Eragon Movie

  1. sweet its out.. i didn’t even realize. i think i’m gonna go watch it this friday.. or seeing that you ddint’ give it as high a rating as i was expecting i might watch by other means….. yeah…..

  2. it’s theatre-able somewhat, unless you have a crazy movie set up at home. These movies need that to have the epic theatric feeling that you get from surround sound and a big screen.

  3. Eragon has got a LOT of fans so you should really watch what you type on the computer. I dont care if you think your some professional movie judge or what ever. Im just saying that you should really be sure of something before you call it a rip-off.

  4. thanks for your comment Lynsie.

    I am by no means a professional movie judge, just a professional and long time movie watcher :)

    It is my personal view and the view of many other critics and regular people alike that Eragon has lots of similarities to other epic films. Thats just a fact and I am not the only one who said it. :)

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