Yumekui Merry – First Impressions

Yumekui Merry is a a Winter 2011 anime that didn’t even make it unto my interesting winter 2011 anime list because from just watching the trailer and reading the plot synopsis it didn’t grab my interest. Two regular readers and fellow anime fans Brad and CS took a look at Yumekui Merry and had good things to say about the art direction and music and so I thought I’d watch the first two episodes and see what I thought on this new series.

Merry Nightmare surprisingly has not stirred my wrath (yet)

Plot Synopsis

Fujiwara is a teen-aged boy with a special ability to interpret dreams by looking at the multicolored auras that shine from a persons body. He himself has been experiencing a weird nightmare of his own for a long time in which he is incessantly chased by a band of cats. One day a strange girl named Merry falls on top of him and later-on invades his nightmare just in time to save him from being taken over by a character in his dream. There begins the story and adventure in this series, which I must admit seemed quite limited at first but after just watchting the first two episodes I can tell there is much more to come story-wise in Yumekui Merry.

She is kind of adorable but without a huge gun, sword or other weapon she can never have my heart

Excellent Art direction

I have to agree with those who say that the visuals in Yumekui Merry are well done, nightime scenes, action scenes, dreamworld scenes, real world scenes and a light splatter of fanservice have all been visually a notch above your normal anime. Not all the characters are excellent but I can already find myself liking the design a few, like Fujiwara’s father and school teacher while still hating the generic multicolored type female characters which are a dime a dozen. The body stealing evil dude I saw also benefits from an excellent costume design.

Fujiwara and some of his classmates may just be the weak link in this show

Yumekui Merry has the ingredients

Yumekui Merry will have to do much more than just dazzle me with pretty things on screen to keep me satisfied. I’m looking forward to seeing just how the story develops. I’ve not taken it upon myself to read the manga this anime is based upon, and with my packed schedule I probably won’t get a chance to read it, but in the little I have watched I saw just enough action and a platter of characters and scenes to tell that this show has the ingredients to to be a great one, lets see how it develops. Have you been watching Yumekui Merry? I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Meet Chaser John Doe, he invades your dreams and tries to steal your body
these are some of the forgettable female characters I mentioned