Yotaro Baby Robot from Japan

Japan has already got robot teachers, robot pets and robot gladiators so can you guess whats missing? Robot babies of course! The Tsukuba University’s robotics and behavioral sciences laboratory has been working on “Yotaro” designed to remind young people of the pleasures of parenting.

yotaru baby robot japan

Balloon Head with Tear Effects!

Yotaro’s alien-like face is made of soft translucent silicon. It is connected to projector, computer, speakers and various sensors to simulate crying, sneezing, sleeping and smiling and baby giggles. What would a baby be without a running nose and tears? Yotaro simulates a runny nose using an attached water pump.

Japan has the world’s longest average life expectancy – 79 years for men and 86 years for women and one of the lowest birth rates, meaning its population is headed for a steep decline.

Tsukuba University



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