X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I went to the theater yesterday to watch what is the first of many blockbusters coming out this summer. Xmen Origins: Wolverine is as big as the biggest film coming out in the next few weeks and I was expecting a lot for for my money.

I was so surprised that Xmen Origins: Wolverine opened two days
before it’s North American release locally


This movie shows the back story of Wolverine. It starts in the 1850’s with a young Wolverine (Logan) killing his father and running off with his brother Victor (Sabertooth). It continues to tell of how Wolverine lived up until he enters the weapon X program, his quest for revenge after the death of a love interest and then his quest for vengeance intensifies when he is betrayed.



I’m convinced Sabertooth is a spoilt, love sick older brother who wants
all the attention, oh yeah – he also has claws

I didn’t watch the much the much publicized leaked version of this film and although not great film I think Xmen Origins: Wolverine is a good sci-fi action film that is worth seeing at the theatre. Expect lots of explosions, corny oneliners, fan service, cameo apearances, flashy camera and computer generated tricks.  I don’t want to spoil anything but be sure to let me know what you think after watching this movie via your comments below.

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