Before and After Hurricane Dean – In Japanese

Hurricane Dean caused me to miss one of My Japanese classes and not surprisingly Tomoko sesei used the opportunity to give us homework, this time the Hurricane was the topic. Like my Easter Holiday write up this was hard and took lots of time, had lots of mistakes but in the end I managed to do it with guidance from my teacher. Remember that if you can’t see they Japanese text below you need to download and install East Asian Language Support on you PC.

ホリケーヌ ヂーヌ が くるとき なに を しますたか?
What did you do before Hurricane Dean came?

スーパーマーケット で たべもの を かった あとで うち の やね が だいじょぶか どうか。
I went to the supermarket to buy food and then I checked my roof to see if it was ok or not.

ホリケーヌ ヂーヌ が きたとき なに を しましますたか?
What did you do after Hurricane Dean came.

みず が まど を とおって わたしの へや に ながれてきました。へや を そうじしました。
Water came through my window into my room. I cleaned my room.

As you can see in am still stuck in Hiragana mode, I really need to start learning and incorporating Kanji in my writing -_-


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