Video of my Room and Gundam Figures

For over a year now I have been dragging my feet and putting off starting a Youtube channel. I killed off my original Youtube profile and started a “Jamaipanese” branded one in January. Since then though I have not had much inspiration to make videos, firstly I have no idea of what to make videos of, secondly I keep wondering if anyone would even take the time to watch them, thirdly my planned desktop PC is still dead and finally I have no video editing skills. So with my sister’s now half dead, crappy laptop (I used to like it) that occasionally overheats and sends me into a Godzilla like rage.

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The video was shot with my Sony DSC-H9 (sorry no HD -_-) and edited with Windows Movie maker on my sister’s laptop. It stars my boring room and serves as an experiment of sorts, I’ll shoot some videos soon and depending on the experience I might by a hi def capable video cam later this year and record my of my boring adventures in life as a video blogging or “Vlogging” extension to this blog. Hopefully by the time I make it to Japan I will be skilled enough to properly record what will no doubt be more interesting adventures there.

What can been seen in the Video that I have blogged about

Share your video editing and creation resources

Know of a good website that a video editing newbie like me can read and learn how to make better videos? please feel free to share it with me via a comment below or through my contact form.

Be sure to visit my Youtube page, add me as a friend and subscribe. The idea for this video was sparked by my blogging pal Jonas who made a video of his room with his Lumix LX3.



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