Tokyo Game Show 2009 Cosplay

Other than information on new games coming out one of the main reasons I get excited about the Tokyo Game Show each year is to see high quality cosplay pictures. Cosplay pictures from TGS 2007 and TGS 2008 didn’t disappoint but how did TGS 2009 stack up?

Final Fantasy is always a popular theme at TGS

There is a special cosplay section at the Tokyo Game Show and it offered mixture of cosplayers and costumes. Read on further to see examples of the crazy, not so good and excellent costumes on show.

Crazy – yes that is a baby in his right hand…

Is it just me or is this Cammy costume a little “tight” in certain places

My testosterone influenced rating for this costume is 10/10

Princesses, heroes, bounty hunters and warlocks were on show for all to see

Images Sources and More TGS 2008 Cosplaying Images

TGS 2009 Cosplayers Gallery – 1UP
TGS 2009: Here’s our obligatory cosplay gallery – Joystiq



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