ThunderCats Anime – First Impressions

The new ThunderCats anime has finally begun airing on Cartoon Network and I have watched the first couple episodes. ever since the first official images for the ThunderCats anime was released earlier this year many fans including myself were torn on the character designs. Then came the trailers and flood of more information leading up to it’s premiere and everything started come together, but just how good or bad is the ThuderCats anime so far? After watching the first 3 episodes of the anime I can already understand the basic premise of the series and have an idea about how it all will unfold.

Thundercats Plot

Thundera’s dominant species are the mighty Thundercats. King Claudus rules with an iron hand and defends his kingdom from the vile lizards. Lion-O is the heir to the throne but has his head in the clouds and dreams of mythical technology and adventure beyond the city’s walls. The Thundercats seek the powerful artifact called the book of Omens. Unfortunate events result in the death of the King, the city is sacked by the lizards and an ancient evil spoken of in folklore is discovered. Lion-O and his team set out on a quest to find the book and avenge the death of his father and this proves to be the basic outline of the ThunderCats story.

Thundercats Story tweaked

The story is surprisingly interesting and punctuated by various elements such as racism, prejudice, romance and sibling rivalry. The subtile changes to the story might get mixed reactions, such as Tygra now being Liono-O’s older brother and Snarf not being able to speak. Certain plot elements might come across as awkward to adults but is obviously desgined to charm kids and a create a new generation of thundercats lovers who will not have watched the original series, which to be honest,  if you should watch in this day and age you would realise it too would not only seem awkward but flawed in some ways.

I am not quite a fan yet but the excellent production values, audio, animations, character designs even for extras makes me want to watch more. The 3rd episode was some-what disappointing after the opening episodes but there is a potential here and I’ll be following this series. Watched any of the the revamped ThunderCats episodes? I would love to know what you guys think via a comment below.



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