The Video Game library available to me

One of the benefits of having a mentor and long time friend who owns a video game arcade is playing all the biggest, best and latest console video games within 2 weeks of their release and playing for free as long as a controller is available which is very often in a game arcade with 24 42″ plasma screens always available and where the multi player action in games like Halo 3, Gears of War and Fifa 2008 is smoking hot.

some of the close to 100 console games available to me

So I feel good knowing that my 20 hour per week gaming addiction is costing me nothing more than my eyesight. Area 51 Video Games have really been at the forefront of gaming in Jamaica over the years and they have done some refurbishing work at the arcade that sets it way above the competition. In my gratitude I will be doing a post about the arcade in a few weeks complete with pictures and videos, so look out for that.