The Oldest Company in the World – *hint*…’s Japanese

During my daily browse of blogs related to my interests I ran into a blog post over at of the oldest company in the world – Kongogumi. Kabushiki Gaisha Kongō Gumi (it’s full Japanese name) was started in 578, yes you read right FIVE – SEVEN – EIGHT. What amazes me other than that the company is over 1400 years old is that the same thing the company started doing 1400 years ago it still does today and until a few years ago when it was liquidated and sold to Takamatsu Corporation the company belonged to the same family and it’s descendants thought the years… or should I say centuries/millennia.

Maybe I can contract them to build me a temple some day ^_^, hey you never know :P, we aspiring evil overlords have to always plan for the future!

Doing some further reading I found out that the second oldest business in the world is also Japanese and of the top 20 oldest businesses in the world 30% are Japanese *_*. The oldest Jamaican company I could find was the Appleton Estates, a rum company which started in 1749.

Ironic fact:
The oldest Japanese company builds Temples – The oldest Jamaican company (that I know of) makes rum! No wonder we were so popular with pirates :D *insert picture of Captain Jack Sparrow here*



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