Tamanoi Vinegar Robot

Yes oh yes, another post about robots/androids/machines following in the vein of my posts about the people lifter, Gundam 1.0, Robot Menagerie, temporary worker robot, I present to you the strangest and ironically one of the coolest looking robots yet, whats it’s purpose you ask? – to teach you about vinegar!


On May 18, buildup Co., Ltd. unveiled the Tamanoi Vinegar Robot, the world’s first robot designed to make presentations about vinegar. The robot is scheduled to go to work at the Tamanoi Vinegar Corporation‘s Osaka office in July.

Relying on pre-programmed speech and gestures to communicate its knowledge of vinegar, the robot features a system of pneumatic servos that control 24 points of articulation in the upper half of its body. The 180 cm (nearly 6 ft), 100 kg (220 lb) machine has a mouth that moves in sync with its voice, as well as a fiber-reinforced plastic outer shell that is colored black  like Tamanoi’s black vinegar with an iridescent coating that changes hue according to the viewing angle.

The robot’s first duties will be to entertain guests at Tamanoi’s “Cyber Trip” amusement theater located in the company’s new head office in Osaka. In addition to the robot, the theater will feature a 12-minute high-definition video on vinegar, also produced by buildup.

Watch video of the robot HERE.

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