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Unicorn Gundam Tokyo

Are you a huge fan of Gundam? Have you not seen the Giant Unicorn Gundam currently on display in Tokyo? Shame on you! Save every penny you have for as long as you can until you have enough money and go see it now! You...


Gundam Unicorn – The Ghost of Laplace

My write-up on the third episode of the ongoing Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series is extremely late. Since returning from Japan I have rewatched the episode and had the opportunity to enjoy it all over again. It is very satisfying in a Gundam episode chuck full of...


Unicorn Gundam finally complete – some quick shots

After 10 months on on and off building I have finally completed building my 1/100 scale Unicorn Gundam. I have been tweeting progress shots for what seemed like an eternity as this model takes the prize as the most complicated Gundam kit I have every...


Gundam Unicorn – The Second Coming of Char

A whopping eight months after the release of the first episode of Gundam Unicorn entitled Day of the Unicorn comes the second episode entitled – The Second Coming of Char. It has been so long that I had to re-watch some of the happenings of the first...


I’ve acquired a Unicorn Gundam Gunpla Kit!

I haven’t built a new Gundam model in quite a while, the last one I put together was the GN Archer just about a year ago. With my plan to visit Japan and all the saving necessary I have had to stop purchasing model kits...


Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – Day of the Unicorn

gundam unicorn poster

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is originally a light novel that is in it’s final chapters before being wrapped up, but for months now Gundam fans have been waiting for the anime adaptation of the novel. The wait for the first episode is over while the...