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Final Fantasy XV – revamped but with problems

So I picked up a shiny new copy of Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 late last year. My first launch day video game purchase in a very very very long time. This game was in development for a lets just say “a while” and...


New Playstation 4!

Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the crown jewel of my Black Friday 2016 haul – A brand New Playstation 4! Since finishing college I have been getting myself a lot of gifts. The first of which was a smart TV. However, said smart...


Playstation 4 finally released in Japan

Why did the Playstation 4, a gaming console from a Japanese company not launch in Japan like every gaming related product the company has produced such as the PSone and PS2 to PS3, PSP, and Vita? With consoles becoming more complexed and producers unable to...


My 10 most anticipated video games of 2014

2014 brings us a combination of new games and brand new next-gen consoles which translates to mean the potential for being a good year to be a gamer. I’ve been dropping out of the gaming loop more and more over the last few years but...


Yakuza Ishin Caught my Eye at Tokyo Game Show 2013

Yakuza Ishin - PS4

Yakuza Ishin, the next installment of the long running Yakuza series is being described as “Grand Theft Auto” set in 18th century Japan. Sadly though, it may never be released outside of Japan, although with the PS4 being region free, one could technically buy it...