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Pokemon Legend Red Nendoroid

Remember my recent trip to Hiroshima and the Pokemon Centre there? Well, there was a particular figure I was hunting and it was disappointing not to find it. however, I managed to acquire it by other means and in this video, I show my new...


Hiroshima x Miyajima x Pokemon Center

Hiroshima Miyajima Pokemon Center

I spent Golden Week 2018 doing some travelling within Japan. At long last, I have finally visited Hiroshima. I also visited the famous Miyajima Island and spent some time with Pikachu and friends at the Pokemon Center in Hiroshima as a tried to snatch a...


I Can’t stop playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon dropped like a bomb on the iOS and Android app stores recently and the fallout has been far-reaching. It has become a social phenomenon with Pokemon trainers far and wide taking to the streets in droves to catch em all. Although Pokemon Go has...


Pokemon Go coming to a smartphone near you

Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, Niantic Labs and Game Freak has teamed up and is bringing Pokemon to the real world. Players will soon be able to use their smartphone to catch and trade Pokemon. As a long time Pokemon lover who remains true to the...


6 Nostalgic Anime Openings from the 90’s

100 geek points to the first person who leaves a comment with the name of this Gundam

I listen to music while doing my droid-like duties at work and depending on my mood I might go for any kind of music from some soothing Bob Marley to some classic Nelly Furtado. Lately I’ve been more in the mood for anime soundtracks and...