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Pokemon Legend Red Nendoroid

Remember my recent trip to Hiroshima and the Pokemon Centre there? Well, there was a particular figure I was hunting and it was disappointing not to find it. however, I managed to acquire it by other means and in this video, I show my new...


Oh My God! I Killed L!

With such a big head a strong neck is necessary

My L nendoroid was acquired over a year ago and due to my clumsiness and fiddling I have managed to break or lose all the neck joins that came with the figure (4 of them I think). The last one broke over the weekend when...


Anime Figure Collection a Year Later

My anime figure collection might not be the most extensive but that doesn’t make me less proud of it. After wanting to for a long time I decided to start collecting a few anime figures since I spent so much time admiring the collections of...


Nagi Nendoroid Figure

After dipping into the nenodoroid bucket last year and coming up with Death Note’s L I decided to try and cut through the cute and try an find a second nenodroid that didn’t top the adorable charts. The quest was unsuccessful as the very nature...


Death Note: L Nendoroid Figure

I’ve not blogged about Death Note  here on a my blog many times but the Death Note series is one of my favorite anime shows and I enjoyed the movie. I discovered it not long after starting this blog and my first official splurge on...