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Samus Edition 3DS and Metroid: Samus Returns

Rewarding yourself for achieving things/goals is one of my favourite ways to motivate myself. My last reward to myself was a trip to New York when I finished undergrad studies. Fast forward almost a year and throw a list of things too numerous to mention...


From the Jamaipanese.com Archives – May 2013

Its been a while since I trudged around in the Jamaipanese.com archives to gasp at some of my immature posts and gut wrenching grammatical errors. With school and so many other things on my plate all I can do is reflect on the days when I made...


Complete Samus Aran and Metroid Story

super metroid box

I’ve stated in a couple posts before that Samus Aran is my video game wife and she would like all her adoring fans to refer to her by her full name Samus Aran-Jamaipanese. My darling’s new game drops at the end of this month and...


Metroid Other M Japan Website

Long before all my various flings and marriages to anime girls like Teresa, Yoko and Balsa there was only one virtual girl in my life and her name was Samus Aran. I had a Samus fansite even before this blog and up to this day...