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Wooden Gundam

So are you poor like me? Is a the US$41,468 for the Platinum Gundam too rich for your blood? Why not get a Wooden one instead. Saw this over at Danny Choo’s blog and thought to myself what will they make one out of next?...


The Most Expensive Toy in Japan – $41,468

Saw this on Rising Sun of Nihon and just had to post it. And you thought the Play Station 3 was overpriced. How about a “Gundam Fixed Platinum?” Japan’s Ginza Tanaka and toymaker Bandai Co. unveiled a miniature of Japan’s famous animated robot character –...


Offical name Land Walker, my name Gundam 1.0 ^o^

Japanese machinery and robotics manufacturer Sakakibara-Kikai has released the first genuine bi-pedal exoskeleton at a landmark event and one which is certain to attract a lot of attention for the company. Mechanatrons and BattleMechs have long been the subject of scifi books, comics and movies...