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Monster Hunter World is Awesome

Monster Hunter World is a great game that proves that hard work, attention to detail and a focus on fun can still make a successful game in this the age of lootboxes and corporate greed in triple A gaming titles. It isn’t without its flaws...


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd infects Japan

My first experience with a Monster Hunter game was Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii. A game that I tracked for over a year and salivated over finally being able to play it, because I knew it would be huge in the west. I made numerous...


Monster Hunter Tri – First Impressions

monster unter tri cha cha

For the last two weeks or so I have been playing Monster Hunter Tri. I had not touched the Nintendo Wii in my living room for a long time but the long months of waiting came to an end when this game landed in my...


I gOtZ it – Monster Hunter Tri

My weekend has been filled with English Premiere League Football, fixing my ever dying home PC (more on that later), photography and most importantly – Monster Hunter Tri. Released on the 20th but only finding it’s way into my Wii via my courier and my...


Monster Hunter Tri Will be HUGE

monster hunter tri nintendo wii

The Monster Hunter franchise started on the Playstation 2 and can be described as an action role playing game where the player takes control of of a hunter charged with killing monsters and completing various other quests and tasks in a diverse and bustling environment....