Interesting Spring 2011 Anime

Spring is upon us and a very good line-up of new anime series have or will be premiering. A usual I have taken a look at the trailers, the plot synopsis and done a little research on most of the series debuting and the ones below have caught my eye. I’ll be checking them out and one or two of them I might review after the series is complete.

Health Education for 30-year old men

So this first anime on the list is a quirky one. The name is rather interesting and the trailer is a mixture of disturbing and weird all displayed to a backdrop of cutesy music. I’m looking to see how this on progresses, hopefully it’s more than just an animated explicit novel.

Shouwa Monogatari

I like non-fantasy anime covering a real world event. Shouwa Monogatari takes place in 1964 and evolves around the Yamazaki family as Tokyo plays host to their first ever Olympics. I’m an Olympics fan (as most Jamaicans are) and a a Japan fan so this one should (I hope) be interesting and great distraction from the usual magic, flashing lights, zombies and pantsu of regular anime.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Conspiracy theories, the Japanese government, alternate dimensions, money problems, a crap load of action and more is what I’m told C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is made up of. The story better be well written and engrossing to keep me interested but I will be checking out at least the first couple episodes.

Appleseed XIII

Appleseed is one of those popular anime franchises that has slipped through my fingers for quite a while. I can recognize the “style” of Appleseed but I dont think I have watched one of the various movies properly. Appleseed XIII should allow me to dive into the franchise and understand what good stuff I have been missing, if any.


So Marvel continues to release anime-ized versions of its popular franchises and X-Men is the latest in the test-tube. Iron Man was, um, lets just say “underwhelming” and Just from watching the trailer for Wolverine I know it would take a massive amount of strength and concentration to watch the series – which I might add I have yet to do. X-Men though is special and although I was scared as hell after seeing the previous Marvel anime baked into fail cakes I can’t resist checking this series out. I have already watched episode one before writing this and I’ll leave my comments for my first impressions post thats coming up in a few days.

I’d love to hear from you

So which of the anime premiering this spring will you be watching? What have you already started watching and what are your thoughts? Do you want to bring an awesome anime to my attention that I may have overlooked? I’d love to hear from you so post all this and more in a comment below.

Full Spring 2011 anime list at Sea Slugs Anime Blog



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