I may have had a romantic experience with the Narita Express but the Shinkansen has had been captivated for years and while in Japan I clocked up a lot of miles going between Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka on theTōkaidō Shinkansen as I made good use of my 21 day Japan Rail Pass which after being lost was mercifully returned to me by Buddha. Like a true train geek I also took every opportunity to take photos of the bullet trains and while I only managed to get photos of the 700 and N700 series that was more than enough to keep me giddy with excitement. So whether are also crazy about the Shinkansen, a fan of Japan or just want to see something cool, I hope you can appreciate the photos below. Also remember I enjoy receiving your comments and feedback so leave one below!

The dispatchers are all quite serious and ensure the trains arrive and depart on schedule

This may be my favourite Shikansen shot from this set, what say you?

Hikari and Nozomi trains arrive and depart every few minutes

N700 signage

sneaking a shot from inside the Shinkansen as I sped towards Nagoya

Me: My, what a big nose you have? N700: All the better to cut the air with…

Coolest Shinkansen conductor ever!

The doors always land perfectly where the openings in the railings are

speeding along at 250 km/h while editing photos and making notes

Did you know, the Tōkaidō Shinkansen carries over 150 million passengers per year?

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