Shigurui: Death Frenzy

It’s been over a year since I posted my first impressions of the Shigurui anime. From rereading that post I can now say that Shigurui: Death Frenzy is all that I expected and a whole lot more, it provided a entertaining historical anime, with a thick plot and subtle dose of action that was a lot more than most people (and their stomachs) can manage.

Irako Seigen – gets my vote for the badass of the year award

Shigurui is just what I needed, an adult anime ripe with blood, gore, sex, rape, deception, infidelity, love, heartbreak, more madness, nipples, friendships, madness, cruelty and revenge. Sick of the cuteness overload?…retarded ninjas? paper thin plots, crappy animation and countless drawn out series? Looking for a short, to the point series that you can sit and watch in 2-3 sittings and not feel like you are wasting your time? Shigurui is that series…..just remember this series is for adults only…..and a few adults might not be able to handle it.

I wonder what happened to his mouth?

I wonder if there ever will be a continuation of this series, I hope so as I’d like like to know what eventually happened to the main characters Fujiki Gennosuke and Irako Seigen.

The Senile Swordsman

Kawaii ne?

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