School Dissapointment

After the first 2 weeks of starting evening school I am frustrated. Luckily I followed my mind and decided to try out the school before I paid the hefty tuition fee. I have decided that they don’t deserve my money, they are unprepared, understaffed and just plain tacky and I don’t think I could pay over thousands of dollars of my hard earned money only to be unhappy with the services being provided. It was a chore not only to find which room I was supposed to be at whichever time but there were days when I had no teacher, had a teacher but no room and there was one day when I had two teachers!…who both seem as confused as the students wondering how the mix up happened. The distance and traffic situation was also a factor as after a long days work I had to contend with crazy people on the road and on the buses to get to class, and when I got there I was tired most times.

So much for going to school and doing a para-legal associate degree for now, the private school plan has been scrapped but I have gotten word of a government school, closer to my workplace and home that has a similar program. I’ll be applying there and starting in January…if everything goes as planned.



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