Procrastination – Start getting stuff done -_-

My personal promise to stop procrastinating and to just get stuff done is paying off. I’ve been successful in personal tasks but my day job is the one area I am hopeless in. See why it’s important to like what you do for a living?

I’ve been thinking about doing some radical changes in my life lately and starting in the New Year I will make steps to do more than just complain about problems and just start solving them. I am in the process of making a huge “to do list” of problems in my life to solve and goals to achieve in the coming year but first I need to stop putting things off or allow myself to be negatively influenced by persons or uncontrollable events in my life.


The negative influences are easy to get rid of but the procrastination is a bull I’ll have to take on by the horns. Like most geeks I turned to Google for a cure and it delivered a great page with tips for overcoming procrastination; I’ve printed it, I’m reading and I shall be victorious!

Do you procrastinate too much?


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