My Dream Home in Japan? New meets Old

I have a appreciation for really old things, there is something fascinating about them and I might sound weird but believe that really old things have developed personalities over time no matter if it’s a simple old coin or the pyramids of Giza. At the...


Oh My God! I Killed L!

With such a big head a strong neck is necessary

My L nendoroid was acquired over a year ago and due to my clumsiness and fiddling I have managed to break or lose all the neck joins that came with the figure (4 of them I think). The last one broke over the weekend when...


Manga marks 50 years of US Japan Alliance

Usa-kun and Arai Anzu-chan

The US Military in Japan has published the first chapter of a new manga to coincide with  50 year anniversary of the security pact between Japan and the USA. The first chapter is entitled entitled “Our Alliance – A Lasting Partnership” and will start the...


Gundam in Shizuoka Info and Time-lapse video

shizuoka giant gundam japan

The giant Gundam has a new home in Shizuoka City and was official unveiled and opened up to the public recently. Almost 1 million people are expected to visit the 1/1 scale , 18 metre, 35 tonne robot which will be on display in the...


Basic Japanese has Inflitrated my Vocabulary

I have been studying Japanese on and off far too long to not be good at it and while I have sought to blame my delinquency on the lack of opportunities to practice, my inability to remain motivated, a ‘busy’ lifestyle and procrastination there are...


Occult Academy – First Impressions

Occult Academy is one of the series on my interesting summer 2010 anime list. I was impressed by the trailer I saw a while back and the plot overview and decided to take a look at after watching the first 3 episodes I can’t say...


Operation Visit Japan – July 2010 Report

Another month has flown by and it’s time again for the Operation Visit Japan report, this time for July 2010. The saving plan continues to progress nicely each month and I seem to be on a blogging roll, spitting out post after post almost daily...


In Darkness, Death

In Darkness, Death is the title of the third book in the Samurai Mysteries series written by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler. I have already read and reviewed the first 2 books in the series, the eerie Ghost in the Tokaido Inn and the unpredictable Demon...


Karate Kid vs Kung Fu Kid

Last weekend I made an impromptu trip to the movies with Mrs Jamaipanese to check out Karate Kid, the remake of a cult classic that I must have watched at least a hundred times as a child. I knew very little about the remake before...


Speedy Narita Sky Access Opens

Narita Sky Access logo
look our for the Narita Sky Access on your next trip to Tokyo

Keisei Electric Railway Company recently official opened the new Narita Sky Access train route which connects Narita International Airport with the Nippori Station which is along the Yamanote Line  in downtown Tokyo in only 36 minutes. It’s competitor the Narita Express by JR makes the...