One Love Jamaica Festival 2010 Pictures

Yoyogi park in Tokyo Japan was bathed in a Jamaica vibe last weekend when the 2010 staging of the One Love Jamaica Festival took place from May 5th to 9th. News from pals in Japan was that there was a lot of publicity around the...


Monster Hunter Tri – First Impressions

monster unter tri cha cha

For the last two weeks or so I have been playing Monster Hunter Tri. I had not touched the Nintendo Wii in my living room for a long time but the long months of waiting came to an end when this game landed in my...


Ichi-Bam Dancers from Japan on Dancin’ Dynamites

dancin' dynamites

Talent shows are all the rage now from singing to dancing to drumming. North American shows like American Idol and Dancing with with the Stars are well known but many countries have produced local versions and Jamaica is no different with shows like Rising Stars,...


In Loving Memory of Air Jamaica

The writing was already on the wall when I made my first post about the Air Jamaica issue in February in which I talked about the trouble the airline industry was in and comparing the similarities but differences between the demise of Air Jamaica and...


Manga Farming anyone?

manga farm japan

There is a new way to recycle and reuse old manga books in Japan – use them for farming! o_O. Tokyo-based artist Koshi Kawachi has been displaying his Manga farming “art” at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya. I am not so sure I’d want...


Giveaway Winners + Awesome Live Show

I had a really awesome time yesterday while broadcasting my first Jamaipanese live show via ustream. I topped out at a whopping 12 viewers with a few people missing out on the show time. The main feature of the first live show was to draw...


First Jamaipanese Live Web Show Date

After months of procrastinating the geek Gods have removed my excuse and blessed me with a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema which I got as a belated birthday gift in late in March. Since then I have been brainstorming ideas for a live internet video show...


Operation Visit Japan – April 2010 Report

Writing the monthly report post for Operation Visit Japan is easily one of my favorite tasks each month. Still over a year away from being reality but plans are progressing much better than estimated as I quickly cover the 3 main expenses namely plane tickets,...


The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn – Book Review

the ghost in the tokaido inn book cover

Let me start off by saying The Ghost on the Tokaido Inn is an awesome book. The experience reading it is everything and more than when I first acquired it, blogged about it and started reading it a month ago. It has been my companion...


I gOtZ it – Monster Hunter Tri

My weekend has been filled with English Premiere League Football, fixing my ever dying home PC (more on that later), photography and most importantly – Monster Hunter Tri. Released on the 20th but only finding it’s way into my Wii via my courier and my...