jaPODCAST – 5: Interview: Rochelle talks life in Japan as a Jamaican JET

My first interview with a Guest is Rochelle Brooks-Mighty; A Jamaica JET participant living and working in Japan. This interview is following up on previous blog posts with awesome text interviews of Jamaica JETs Marc Mundy and Nicola Williams who are living and working in...


Valkyria Chronicles PC Game

Valkyria Chronicles 2

My first Valkyria Chronicles was from the anime I enjoyed watching a few years ago. I soon discovered that there was a video game based on the franchise that I wasn’t able to check out til late last year. The tactical role-playing game originally released...


JET Programme Video Contest – “THIS IS JAPAN”


I recently surfed into an interesting competition. The JET Programme Video Contest with has the following objectives: Promote efforts to revitalise local communities through the utilisation of the JET Programme Communicate the JET Programme’s activities to the world I am now aware that a Jamaica participating...


Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run 2016


Another year another Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run. In 2016 I didn’t train (again) thought I planned to but still managed to run an almost identical time to 2015. +26 seconds more for a 5.5K a year later minus the feeling of imminent death when I finished...


Japanese Calendar Exhibit set for March 5th


The last Japanese Calendar Exhibition I attended here in Jamaica was in January 2014 when there were celebrations to mark the 50th year of bilateral relations between Jamaica and Japan. Now in 2016, the exhibition will be held later than usual but is still expected...


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans First Impressions

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 3

It’s no secret that I am a huge Gundam fan. While I haven’t watched EVERY anime incarnation, I’ve watched my fair share of Gundam shows. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is a series I reluctantly gave a try, yes I said reluctantly and I am...


Jamaipanese: 10 Years Blogging

Jamaipanese Japan

In January 2006 I excitedly conquered a slice of the ever-expanding web. I fenced it around, raised my flag and named it Jamaipanese.com. By February 2, 2006, I had made my first post and 10 years later I continue to do it because I enjoy...


Giant Feline encountered in sector Ja1-Ma!_KA


In routine mission to explore the unknown regions of space with our allies the Gundam Collective we stumbled upon an uncharted section of the extended outer rim we named Ja1-Ma!_KA. According to my preliminary scans this sector demonstrates similar characteristics as the charted “Planet Cubicle”...


Kotion Each G4000 – Pro Gaming Headset


I’m back again gamers and geeks and today I am taking a look at the Kotion Each G4000 Pro Gaming Headset. Right off the bat I must say I am hugely impressed and this might be the best US$24 I have spent in months.Its durable,...