One year of blogging ^^

It seems like it was just last month I started this blog, time really seems to be flying and while checking the January visitor statistics for my blog I realised that it has been 12 months since the first post was made in this blog and I thought to myself that couldn’t be right. Well it is and it has been a great year of blogging and an up and down year of studying. I think that for the most part this blog has remained true to the reasons I created it and I can’t help but smile when I read the first post entitled “ online“, 365 days ago to this date. 77 posts later I am happy with my blog and excited about what a next year will hold and what can be achieved. I will continue to post about my study of Japanese along with my other interests such as technology, anime, movies and more.

I would like to take this oportunity to say thanks to all the visitors of my blog no matter if you visit once in a while or visit to read every post. Thanks to all the blogs and websites that link to my site because you have contributed to it’s success.

I intent to make a post detailing the visitor statistics of in the near future so you can look out for that, but for now here is a excerpt of the awstats of 2006 showing the steady rise in visits throughout the year.


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