Nicotine free battery powered Cigarettes

What may be viewed as weird in other cultures may come across of perfectly normal in Japan, no wonder Japanese inventors file the most patent applications each year and has been a technology pioneer for many years. One of the latest “inventions” (if you want to call it that) from a Japanese company is Mismo cigarette from Sosu Company. The Nicolestyle (short for Nicotine-less Style) cigarette looks like a cigarette, is used like a cigarette but instead of filling your lungs with poison when inhaled it emits flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth while the tip glows by way of a small battery powered LED light. How cool is that?

I know it seems silly but you have to admit that this is a smart idea, although this might not revolutionize smoking and cause nicotine addicted puffers (like my mom -_-) to switch, young persons smoking to look “cool” or persons willing to try smoking rehabilitation with this device is already a market for such a product.

Read in detail how this device works over at the Engrish Brog. Big thanks to Grant for bringing this to my attention. Surf into any Japan or Jamaica related links that you think I may find interesting?…sent me a link!